Packing Problems

I have too many clothes–what’s a girl to do!?

There. That. That is a sentence my younger self would never believe. Me? In possession of “too many” clothing items? Good one. But, see–that’s the dilemma I’m facing. Four months in 2.25 pieces of luggage. That is, one 22″ rolling suitcase, one 19″ 34L rolling duffel, and one backpack. (I’m guesstimating the 2.25. I’m an East Asian Studies major, not a Math major.)

Thing is, I did a first round of practice packing. I’d show you photo evidence, but my room looks like it exploded with clothes, which it normally looks like but. I filled both of my rolling suitcases approximately 3/4 full of clothing alone. The whole gamut: a couple of pants/jeans, a couple of shorts, a coupla jackets, and a whole lot of undergarments and t-shirts. God, the t-shirts. Thing is, I didn’t even try packing my shoes. Those alone would fill the last 1/4 of one suitcase–mostly because I can’t decide which ones to bring.

I know what I need to do. I need to do something different. I need to…downsize my wardrobe.

Of course, this is the thing every world traveler and travel blog alike has been vigorously endorsing. Downsize. Go minimalistic. Pack, take out half, and for the hardcore Minimalists, take out another half. What am I, silly? How could I forget the Golden Rule of Packing? Well, I didn’t. Not exactly. I’m going to re-pack. Clearly, I’m being a Hopeful Hattie. A Naive Nancy, if you will. I can’t take all the clothes I want with me to China. As skeptical as I am, my size will probably be available in a city as large as Chengdu (remember: it’s so big that it has an Ikea). Hell, I found size 9.5 US shoes in Hong Kong.

My Wardrobe v. Packing Reality, Round II: coming soon.

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