Packing Pro? PFFFF.

Left the States August 27, 2013 at 1:20pm. Arrived in Beijing, P.R.C. August 28th at 4:30-ish in the afternoon. All in all, a little over 14 hours of travel that day for me. I checked both luggage pieces and took only my backpack aboard the plane.

Turns out, my “down-sizing” was my downfall. By taking a rolling luggage with a width far shorter than the length of the duffel I had precariously stacked on top of it, my load was top-heavy and just plain HEAVY. Now. 20ish lbs. is an OK weight for me to lug around. But with gravity dragging the weight of both bags downward, my arm and hand muscles were in for an extreme work-out! I was already the girl with the most (biggest) luggage…why did it have to be so heavy, too???

Also, it was extremely muggy. Inside of the airport. Beijing is HOT with capital everythings.

At this point, I’m worried about bending the rolling luggage’s extendable handle from the weight of my duffel. Dragging it down a narrow road in the uncertainty of the dark was no picnic. My duffel twisted itself around and generally made a giant nuisance of itself. (Luckily, the hotel has an elevator to the 4th floor.)

Solution A: Carry the duffel using the shoulder strap and instead place the smaller backpack on top of the rolling luggage.

Solution B: Buy a different luggage ASAP. 😡

In any case, I’m sure I could’ve packed less. Even taking out five pieces from my duffel in the final packing process wasn’t the help I thought it’d be. By the time I get to Chengdu, I’m going to have serious guns.

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