Things I Haven’t Seen in China (Yet)

  • Off-leash pets (?) with collars
  • Car accidents (despite the incredible amount of near-misses)
  • Crop tops
  • Lanyards (gonna lose my room key without one)
  • Chinese joggers (I saw one today!)
  • Fundamental understanding of the Personal Bubble
  • Birds flying in the sky
  • Cleavage

I unexpectedly have seen: stilettos, mini skirts, dyed hair, skateboards, roller blades, huge-ass bees, ballroom dancing in parks, and fluffy, fluffy dogs. I have seen three in the week I’ve been here in Chengdu, and I have stopped to pet all of them. They appear to be the biggest dogs on the block, and are ridiculously calm when squealing foreign girls give them a good ruffle.

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