(And I) Crave You

There’s so much I miss about home. These are a few of those things that I wish I could stuff into my mouth in large quantities. I’d have added more, but I ate dinner and the cravings are gone–for now.

2 thoughts on “(And I) Crave You

  1. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog. I stumbled across it by searching ‘chengdu’ in wordpress! I’m from England and currently living in Chengdu for one year! I feel your craving pains! However, you can get buy skippy peanut butter and decent strawberry jam and (imported) milk from Carrefour/Ito Yikado! Also, you can get grilled cheese sandwiches from some of the Western restaurants like Leanna’s! Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

    • Rosie!

      So lovely to hear you’re in Chengdu, too! I bought a jar of Skippy (crunchy, has to be crunchy) at the Trust Mart off of η§‘εŽεŒ—θ·―, and I’ve basically just been eating it plain. It’s that good. I haven’t heard of Leanna’s, but now I’m looking it up and going within the week. That’s a promise. (Your tip is GREATLY, greatly appreciated, oh my god)

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