High Heels and Asian Leopards

First, a note on shoe fashion:

Insane. I say this with complete awe and an injection of disbelief. There are a lot of women here who get around on crazy-high heels. How do they do it? I’ve seen them hiking up Emeishan, running down rain-slick ramps, chasing after buses, navigating crosswalks. And yet, their ankles have yet to snap like brittle twigs. Well done, ladies.

Now: Asian leopards, or Asiapards for short. I’m referring to the brand of the suitcase I just bought. It is 24 inches of four-wheeled convenience. This is my first time using a luggage with four wheels, and I think I’m going to enjoy it. A lot. Remember that blue duffel I moaned and groaned about lugging around in the very beginning? Yeah. I lent it to a classmate. I bought the Asiapard instead because I have souvenirs and boots and textbooks to get home, and that shit ain’t light.

Regroup. Let’s see. I have one 24″ four-wheeler, one 22″ two-wheeler, and a ~19″ school backpack. I have vacuum-sealed my bulkier sweaters, because I’ll be in Singapore for a week of travel and it’s going to be the armpit of hell pretty darn hot. It will be–dare I say it?–shorts weather there. Chengdu is cold. Shanghai will probably be cold as well. I’m still brainstorming which clothes will make good transitions. I should brainstorm faster, because I’m leaving Chengdu tomorrow morning at 5:15am.

I’m packed. Sort of.

PFFFFF who am I kidding? Not me. Not my mother, certainly. (Hi, Mom!). Technically, I have my clothes, souvenirs, shoes, books, and documents packed and/or ready to go. I need to pack my toiletries and medicine, which I will do as soon as I finish procrastinating. I mean. It’s just two drawers full of stuff. I can do that.

It’s just. I have so many littles. What the hell do I do with the little things?

Stuff them in the nooks and crannies, sure.

I wish I didn’t have to check my bags.

I didn’t think I accumulated so much stuff. A coat, a sweater, two scarves, gloves, a pair of reindeer socks…

They’re going to fit…how?


I always did like a good puzzle.

Corner pieces first.

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