Sizzle Sizzle, Singapore


I feel like I’m breathing a wet blanket, but without the hypothetical asphyxiation. Yegads–the humidity! I’m not used to anything above 70F, which makes me a complete weather wimp. Snow is way cold, and direct sunlight is a right pain in the ass. I like both, but mostly when I’m indoors. See? Wimp.

I am currently battling a food coma.

By the time I got out of Changi Airport (beautiful–I can understand why it’s the world’s best airport because THERE’S AN EFFING SLIDE), it was a little after 5PM. I was hungry. My friend drove me to her place on the East Coast of Singapore to drop off my stuff (I had a few moments of heart-stopping shock because I forgot they drive on the left side of the road here), and then we were off to dinner(s).

Chicken rice. Laksa. Dark chocolate ice cream, six-layer chocolate cake bar, dark chocolate milk served as a Christmas ornament, flour-less chocolate cake. Melon ice cream. 肉干. And I’m about to be fed something else at nearly midnight, dressed in pajama shorts and an oversized tee. I cannot wait, but I do worry for my waist line. It’s only been half a day.

(Update: I have eaten the surprise food, and it is called otah. It is fish meat and spices wrapped in a banana leaf. This particular one was made by my friend’s roomate’s Malaysian neighbor and it has actual fish chunks of deliciousness. Next up: grapes.).

Singapore, you have much to offer. I look forward to eating you.

Except for the durians. I can wait.