Crack Me Open Like A Chili Crab

One fool-proof way to figure out if you have a paper cut is to eat chili crab.

Because the only way to eat chili crab is with your hands. It’s messy–no way around it. You’ll need to be in a finger-licking sort of mood. I understand that. But when you feel like maybe you can leave your lovely box of latex gloves at home (there’s a time and a place), eat chili crab.

Worth the pile of used, dirty napkins? Hm. I dare say so.  Because if wrenching apart a hard-shelled crab isn’t doing it for you, hungry or not, then the sauce-gravy is plen-ty tasty on its very own. Truly. Grab a little bread and go dipping. I went on the infamous food tour with Tony Tan of Betel Box Hostel fame (25-30 Singaporean dishes, one evening, minimum eight people). Two couples had backed out at the last minute, so there remained the six of us: me, my two Singaporean friends, an American couple (Frances and Dan), and a chef-to-be from the UK (John). History, culture, and food. My faves. East Asian Studies major with a history-religion concentration, remember? I salivate over this stuff.

Good thing, too.

I have over 150 photos to share with you. I don’t know most of their names, but I’ll update the list whenever I figure it out. Probably. Maybe.

I hope you’re hungry, because you’re about to experience hunger-jealousy. I sometimes time eating lunch with watching food/travel channel shows–otherwise I just sit there feeling sorry for myself.

There’s more. I just haven’t got the eye focus to find the pictures of chicken feet, nasi lemak, roti prata (DELICIOUS WITH SUGAR which is apparently a kid thing), rojak, wanton mee (also a must have–I had it my first afternoon at Maxwell) and what have you. Just experienced 24 hours of traveltraveltravel. Yowza. How do people cross the ocean multiple times a year? It’s a doozy.

ALSO. On BOTH FLIGHTS (SIN -> BEIJING, BEJIING -> USA) I sat next to who amounted to a male model. WHY WERE THEY SO GOOD LOOKING ON SIX AND TWELVE HOUR FLIGHTS RESPECTIVELY? The second time it happened I was just like ‘But of course,’ because I was rocking my safari vest with my bright red Sichuan University t-shirt. I was not rocking make-up nor contacts. Glasses and static-y hair ruled the day.

I’ll speak more of my woes and adventures in a different, dedicated post. This should just be about the food, because by golly Singapore has a LOT of it. I only disliked the oyster-omelette. I tried a minimum 26 Singaporean signature dishes in my six days in Singapore. What.

And Christmas dinner is coming up.

Thank goodness it’s sweater weather. Hide the food baby just a little while longer.