All About Me

This blog begins like so many others–as a way to communicate with the world. I was born and raised in Southern California and recently graduated from college in Oregon. But before that, I studied abroad in Chengdu, China–and it was the time of my life. I am a girl who takes her naps outside beneath the afternoon sun, who grew up in a quiet, seaside community, and is ready to jump continents and splash into exhilarating, confusing experiences abroad.


My username is dedicated to the fond memories I have of the odd family outings for dim sum on late morning Sundays. Yim cha is a country dialect of yum cha, both of which refer to dim sum (drinking tea and eating little morsels of food).

2 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Well, your writing is very good. I’ve visited Southern California in 2006 and I am living in Chengdu and I just jumped into your blog. What are you studying in Chengdu?

    • Hi, Scott.

      Thanks kindly! Capitalization and decent grammar both, I feel, go a long way. I’m taking a little bit of everything…a tasting platter, if you will. My courses are pretty much up in the air; I’ll post about it when I am 100% certain. I’m not participating in the language-intensive program, but I will be taking Chinese for sure. There is a focus on history and religion, as that is the concentration within my major. How are you finding Chengdu? Hot?

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